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Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher ConferencesAttention Parents! Mark your calendars for the November 8 Meeting.Food...

Enrollment Forms

All Requred Forms

Checklist - Returning Student Enrollment Forms

Returning Students Checklist


Student Emergency Contact Update

IHS School Screening Consent

Including fluoride varnish & dental sealant.

Montana Home Language Survey

Internet Conduct Access Policy

Pryor Public School policy regarding district-provided access to electronic information, services, and networks.

Student Records Release Consent

Pryor Public Schools Form for Release of Student Records.

Student Enrolment Form

Consent of Parent/Legal Guardian

Non Prescription Medication Form

No physician signature is required.

ED 506 Form

Indian Student Eligibility Certification Form for Title VI Indian Education Formula Grant Program.

Media Photo Release

Permission for a photo/image that includes students without other personal identities to be published on the district and/or school's website...

Illness Policy

District Policy Regarding Students Illness.


School Bus Sign Up Form

Physician and Medical Information Form

Children with Disabilities Medical Statement

Special Meals in the U.S. Department of Agriculture Child Nutrition Programs.

Consent for Administration of Medication or Procedure Form

Student Responsible Use Policy

Pryor Public Schools is committed to ensuring every student can utilize technology responsibly, effectively, and respectfully within the bound of the law.

School Handbooks

Pryor Warriors Student Parent Handbook

Student Parent Handbook Acknowledgement

District Calendar

Forms for New Students Only

Please fill out all the forms listed under returning students forms. In addition the following four forms must be filled out as well.

Checklist - New Student Forms

∗ New Students Only

All Forms Checklist


District Attendance Agreement

∗ New Students Only

If transferring from another district.

Out of District Agreement

∗ New Students Only

If transferring from another district.

Consent Release of Information

∗ New Students Only

If transferring from another district.

Additional Information 

About Pryor Public Schools of Pryor, Montana

School Information:Superintendent: Eric Terrill

Mission Statement
Our children and young people are sacred, so all staff and students of Pryor Schools will empower each other so that our students will be educated, successful, and responsible citizens.
Vision Statement
Our children and young people are the most important. We must be engaged and committed to protecting them and caring for them so that they may be committed to their own positive growth. Our children and young people are sacred. We must provide the best learning environment. Our facility, our school, our staff, and our community must be committed, dedicated, and have compassion for our children so that they may be educated, successful, and responsible representatives of our people now and in the future. "Education is your greatest weapon. With education, you are the white man's equal, without education, you are his victim and so shall remain all of your lives. Study, learn, and help one another always. Remember, there is only poverty and misery in idleness and dreams - but in work, there is self-respect and independence."

Student Parent Handbook → Download Here.

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Staff Directory

Matthew Flat Lip | 6th Grade Teacher
Sonya Goes Ahead | 5th Grade Teacher
Lilly Plain Bull | Elem SPED Aide
Emerine White Plume | Elem SPED Aide
Guena Plain Feather | Para-Professional
Sephra Covers Up | Para-Professional
Jolene Spotted Bear | Pre-K Teacher
Joellen Brennan | 1st/2nd Grade Teacher
Katie McCrea | 2nd/3rd Grade Teacher
Donya Costa | Elementary Secretary