Superintendent’s Message

Welcome to Pryor Public School Districts 2 & 3. This handbook is to acquaint you with the organization, policies, and procedures of your school. You and your parents must read this handbook and sign the accompanying signature card for return to the School office. The rules governing our school are a result of the combined efforts of the Board of Trustees, Administration, faculty, students, and community.
The faculty and administration of Pryor, holds that each student is an individual, has an equal right to a quality education, and will be provided the opportunity to develop to the fullest extent of his or her individual capabilities. Of utmost importance is the development each student gains as to his or her individual capacity in the basic learning skills and a sense of responsibility and self-discipline.
It is the commitment of the total staff of Pryor to assume the responsibility of providing the community an atmosphere conducive to the realization of these goals.
We also believe that an effective school cannot exist without the support and backing of the community. The home is the greatest single influence upon the child. It is here that the child establishes his or her first habits and obtains most ideals and attitudes. The home and school, working together will be of maximum benefit to your child.
We sincerely hope that each of you will have a successful and enjoyable year.
Eric Terrill, Superintendent

About Pryor Public Schools of Pryor, Montana

School Information:Superintendent: Eric Terrill
Principal: Candis Goodknight Gunn

Mission Statement
Our children and young people are sacred, so all staff and students of Pryor Schools will empower each other so that our students will be educated, successful, and responsible citizens.
Vision Statement
Our children and young people are the most important. We must be engaged and committed to protecting them and caring for them so that they may be committed to their own positive growth. Our children and young people are sacred. We must provide the best learning environment. Our facility, our school, our staff, and our community must be committed, dedicated, and have compassion for our children so that they may be educated, successful, and responsible representatives of our people now and in the future. "Education is your greatest weapon. With education, you are the white man's equal, without education, you are his victim and so shall remain all of your lives. Study, learn, and help one another always. Remember, there is only poverty and misery in idleness and dreams - but in work, there is self-respect and independence."

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